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Northern Pass in Nulhegan Country? Hell No…

February 23, 2012
**NOTE FROM NULHEGANAKI: Above title added by Nulheganaki blog owner.  Nulhegan Abenakis are committed to keeping our homelands pristine and protected from big greedy corporations.  As Abenakis, we do not want the giant “Northern Pass” high-voltage super highway passing through our homeland on either side of the Connecticut River.  As Abenakis, we need to support Senator Illuzzi in his mission to give Vermont the ability to say HELL NO!  Article below from Vermont Tiger.  More to come.**

Sen. Illuzzi and the Utility Merger Case

Senator Vince Illuzzi (Orleans-Essex)

by John McClaughry

Veteran senator Vince Illuzzi, of Essex Orleans, has intervened in the pending Public Service Board sale of Central Vermont Public Service to the  Montreal based Gaz Metropolitaine. Not only would the combined CVPS and Green Mountain Power utilities be under single Canadian ownership, but the new owner would acquire the two Vermont companies’ controlling interest in VELCO, the state’s transmission company.

Illuzzi argues, rightly in my opinion, that VELCO is the big prize here, because the Canadians want to ship a lot of hydro power south to the major US markets in New York and Boston. VELCO essentially owns the transmission corridor.

The Vermont Department of Public Service favors the merger of the two utilities. Illuzzi believes the Department, under the control of Gov. Peter Shumlin, is not a reliable advocate for the interests of Vermonters. Why not? Because Shumlin is very much in bed with Green Mountain Power and was an aggressive advocate of the CVPS acquisition by Gaz Metropolitaine.

Illuzzi wants the Board to appoint an independent counsel in the case that doesn’t owe anything to Peter Shumlin and is beyond the Governor’s control. The Department thinks that’s unnecessary and that it can do that job, which is its statutory duty.

Illuzzi is also intervening at the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission in the matter of control of VELCO.

This is an important matter, and Vince Illuzzi is doing the state a service by joining these issues.

Original article from Vermont Tiger:

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